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Select MDx

Improving the Identification of Men at Risk for Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer

  • SelectMDx is a Post-DRE, First-Catch urine test that utilizes two genes commonly expressed in CSPCa

  • SelectMDx can help providers distinguish patients at increased risk for CSPCa from those at very low risk for aggressive disease

  • SelectMDx is for any man with an abnormal PSA &/or DRE who you are considering for additional workup or a referral to a urologist

  • SelectMDx offers a binary, actionable report

  • SelectMDx negative, is labeled Very Low Risk

  • SelectMDx’s Power is in the negative

  • SelectMDx has a Negative Predictive Value of 95% for GS ≥ 7 & >99% for GS ≥8. What this means to you is that when you do receive a negative:

    • You can feel confident this patient has a very low likelihood of harboring CSPCa at this time

    • You can offer your patient some peace of mind

    • You can potentially decide to just monitor his PSA

  • SelectMDx positive offers a Personalized Risk Profile. A SelectMDx positive

  • result means:

    • This patient is at Increased Risk of harboring CSPCa

    • This is a patient you may want to prioritize in your diagnostic process/ protocol

    • This is a patient who you may want to refer to urology for additional workup

  • The Vast Majority of patients will pay $100 or less for SelectMDx

  • SelectMDx is included in the NCCN Guidelines

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