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Extreme Microbial Technologies

What Is Extreme Microbial Technologies?

Extreme Microbial Technologies was established in 2016 after years of applying, testing and validating multiple solutions in real world situations (water and mold remediation). EMT has worked with Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide and now utilize Enhanced Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Technology. EMT seeks, develops and implements technologies and solutions to reduce or eliminate contaminants within all indoor environments. EMT has a host of proven solutions to attack mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and VOC's. Every client's project is designed meet their specific need. EMT's vision and purpose is to identify and support organizations who are seeking a proactive, long-term solution that supplements existing sanitation protocols and promotes overall health.  


Active vs. Passive

EMT's "Active" Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma molecules continuously fill the entire cubic space in an "Offensive" posture seeking microbes 24/7.

"Passive" methodologies require a particulate or organism to travel via air flow to something in a given space. Example are: HEPA filters, UV lights etc. Airstreams passing through these mediums have zero efficacy on surface contamination. Fogs, mists and most chemical sprays are also considered "passive". As soon as a surface is touched or the contaminates are reintroduced to an environment, the process must start again. These solutions are short-term, and would be classified as reactive vs proactive.


Wall Mounted

Microbial Area Kleaner

Designed for use in commercial and residential settings to dramatically reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, fungus and VOC's in the air and on surfaces. 

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HVAC Delivery

MAK In-Line
Microbial Area Kleaner

Designed to integrate with existing Heating & Cooling Conditioning systems. Engineered for use in virtually any environment. Actively distributes Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma into the air and onto to surfaces to reduce bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, fungus, and VOC's. Commercial grade.


Designed and engineered for a variety of industrial and commercial
applications including production facilities, warehouse, large office
spaces, athletic facilities, food production facilities, and more.
MAK-TWIN™ units provide a safe and effective three-stage solution
encompassing a prefilter, main filter, and two proprietary MAK
Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Cells. The technology is validated
99.99% effective against SARS-CoV-2 and host of other viruses,
mold, bacteria, fungus, and other harmful VOC’s.

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Bioaerosol Monitoring System™

BAMS detects microbial and inert particles in the air in an indoor environment in real-time.


Bactiscan™ identifies the location of biofilms, mold, bacteria and many

other contaminants.



In this section, their are brouchers and video link available.



Click on the video and brouchers to see how the technology is deployed.  

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