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Extreme Microbial Technologies

Extreme Microbial Technologies

Lab Services

Physician Owned Lab Testing
Key Benefits

Increased Clinical Value

  • PCR testing provides results in ~1 hour within your practice

  • Stops the over prescription of antibiotics

  • Timely, actionable actions results allow for prescriptions to be provided same day

PCR Tests Available

  • UTI

  • Women's Health

  • STI

  • RPP

  • GI

  • Wound

  • Nail

Taking Samples

Increased Financial Value

  • The average office can generate over $30k per month in net revenue

  • Stark compliant

Physician Owned PCR Lab

Customized Practice Investment Approach
  • Menu Based ownership approach 

    • Consultative approach to support the practice in assessing optimal investment and support structure​

  • Customized lab components include:

    • Thermo Fisher PCR Lab Machine and ancillary support equipment​

    • Lab Director

    • Lab Technician

    • CLIA certification

    • Lab Information System (LIS)

    • Training

    • Standard operating procedures for POL

    • Lab billing services 

    • Reagent supply

Toxicology Lab Management

In partnership with Lighthouse and Compliance Medical

We specialize in building toxicology labs in 45 days.   ​

Toxicology Lab Turnkey Solutions 
  • In-house testing provides improved patient care through faster turn-around times and customized testing menu 

  • ​Increases provider compliance through tighter control measures for testing

  • Ideal Targets Include: 

           Pain Management 

           Behavioral Health 

           Substance Abuse

   Ideal target is any group that is currently testing 250 confirmations per month 

   Minimal space required for in-house lab 

Other Advantages to Our Program 
On-demand toxicology and technical support  
  • No operators, no waiting, no exceptions.  Just our unmatched customer service. Whether your clients prefer email or phone, our team is always on call to assist

  • We handle everything from initial paperwork through method and instrument validation 

  • Custom-built LIS and Web-based portal 

Hand crafted lab reports 
  • As well as patient trend reports, all through our Beacon LIS System and web-based portal 

Decades of experience
  • Risk stratification and utilization program support including best practices recommendations from around the country

Benefits to the Practice
  • Able to generate revenue from toxicology samples that were previously sent out

  •         300 samples per month can generate over $12,000 in net revenue per month

    •  500 samples per month can generate over $25,000 in net revenue per month

      • Same day results in most cases, no need to send out to a 3rd party lab and wait 1-2 days.

      • Minimal startup costs, only 10% of the equipment cost.  Includes everything they will need to setup the lab.

  • Consumables pricing locked in for 5 years

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Reagent Lab Supply

Reagent/Primer Available
  • Lyophilized (freeze dried) and Liquid reagents

    • UTI (includes STD panels)​

    • Women's Health

    • STI

    • GI

    • RPP excluding Covid

    • Wound

    • Nail

    • Covid Only

  • All modalities include antibiotic resistant panel​

Benefits of Lyophilized Primers (Lyoph-P&P) vs. Liquid Reagents
  • Long Term Stability at 4 degrees C

  • Long Term Stability at 98.6F degrees mimicking transportation without cold chain

    • Studies Show:​

      • Lyoph-P&P is stable for at least 4 days at 98.6 degrees F supporting shipping without the need of a cold chin​

      • Lyoph-P&P is stable at +4 degrees C for at least two weeks

  • Lyoph-P&P does not need to be refrigerated and has a shelf life of 1 year​

  • Step reductions in assay preparation from 6 using liquid reagent to 3 using Lyoph-P&P 

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